_Engagement Marketing Strategist

Modeling brand ambition into effective customer programs based on actual customers desires, dreams and needs in combination with your qualitative and quantitative data.

_Human Driven, Value Led, Data Conscious

• Tactics: translate engagement strategy into effective customer programs
• Project Direction: evolve long- and short-term roadmaps into feasible project plans
• Proof: change ambitions into valuable results

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_Turning strategy into creative concepts.
from ambition to essence to simplicity
How: creative strategy, service design, design thinking
Promise: a thorough short & longterm plan evolved out of collaborative integrated workshops.

_Elaboration on 8 topics:
1. Purpose - objectives
2. Values - mutual
3. Stories - situations
4. Moments - highs and lows
5. Context - environment
6. Content - relevancy
7. Campaigns - experience
8. Loyalty - closer

• Get things done on Engagement Marketing. Feet in the mud.
• Flattening complex wishes and brief agencies and internal departments
• Managing broad suport for CRM/Engagement marketing within your organization 
• Long- and short-term roadmaps into feasible project plans
• Help setting KPI’s for customer engagement
• Loyalty mechanisms B-to-B and B-to-C (emotional, funtional, monetary)
• Being the glue between your companies disciplines